Thursday, December 15, 2011

♥ Join the fun at the Bikery Winter Craft & Food Fair! ♥

Join the fun at the Bikery Winter Craft & Food Fair!
Sunday, December 18th 12-4pm
2289 International Blvd, Oakland

Join us for a lovely celebration of winter! Delicious affordable food & treats for sale, incredible artwork, crafts & creative delights by talented artists and chefs of all ages. Find fantastic gifts for yourself, your friends and family, while supporting local, independent artists!

Come spend winter time warm indoors with the magic, creativity and fun of your Bikery community ♥

Artists & Chefs Include:

BANTEAY SREI: Vulva Puppets & more!
BEATRICE ARIAS: Eye pillows, tote bags, bike tube wallets/ID holders/bill folds
BIKERY CRAFT CREW: Eugene, Elokin, Helen & Woods bring ya hand-screened bike love shirts & underwear & other homemade bike bling
BUSHMAMA AFRICA: Artwork, handmade leather earrings as well as African, Indian and Tibetan Imports that people can have for making a donation of their choice to "The Freedom Project" its a healing arts workshop for survivors of domestic violence.
CASSANDRA FLORESs: $5 homo haircuts & crafts
EMILY: Vegan & gluten free baked goods
ENGAGED ENTHUSIAST: Enriches your life with succulents, bottlecap & bacterial crafty delights
INÉS IXIERDA: Recyled bicycle link jewelry & assemblage
ISABELLE & SUZANNE RENDEROS: Handmade jewelry, crocheted hats & purses
LYNA LEE: We Cycle- handmade bike caps
MEGAN: Delicious sweet treat surprises
MIKE'S CHOCOLATE DELIGHTS: Cookies that will melt in your mouth...
MING: Fair trade espresso drinks
P-$CRILLA: Handmade wallets
ROLA: Prints of all kinds
YESSE GARCIA: Cheesecake!!!
And more!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

SOS rides safely out of CUAV SAFETY FEST KICK OFF PARTY!!!

Hey ya'll, words from our friend Paulo about this awesome ride tonite, where we'll be biking folks safely home with the SOS ride for queers! This is part of the Community United Against Violence (CUAV) Safetyfest, which celebrates the resistance and safety of queer communities.

What better way to celebrate SAFETY than at SAFEST FEST! SOS ride will be doing our part in creating a safety space for bikers after the CUAV Safety Fest kick off party.

for more information of all the amazing workshops/events/resources that will be happening, visit:

There will be a bike buddy sign up list. What does this mean you ask? There will be set times 10pm and 11pm for SOS riders to ride with ya'll back to/near your homes. Feeling safe on our bikes, especially at night, is really important to us and many times when we ride in groups we all feel safer.

break down of the rides will be by location:

Each ride will have two riders leading/and backing. These routes are going to be a chill experience. We want folks to feel comfortable riding in whatever capacity feels safe to them. These rides (and SOS rides in general) are meant to make sure that folks are safe and all different levels of biking experiences are together.

But if you have any requests or suggestions or needs for the ride, you can contact a direct contact for this specific ride at:

Please bring your helmets/lights/extra bike pump if you have one. If you don't have any of these, we are trying our best to see that there will be some on loan or more resources for our next rides. If you already know that you want to ride and don't have these safety accessories, let us know beforehand! We want to try to accommodate all needs.

Hope to see ya'll at Safety Fest (in general!)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lady and Trans Alleycat This Friday in SF!

k, obviously been slacking for the whole winter, but we are BACK with hecka much to share!
spring is here, and events are popping off!

check this out, coming up this friday, you don't want to miss it!

Lady and Transgender ONLY Alleycat race this Friday!

Meet in Union Square (San Francisco) underneath the big huge statue.

Bring a map, 5 - 10 ducats to donate to the SFBMA, and a pen.

Sign up starts at 6:00P, Race starts at 6:30P.

Get rad.

Afterparty for good times.

Please have some lights and a helmet too.

XO! Katie, from SFBMA (San Francisco Bike Messenger Association)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Women of WOBO Ride- Blinded by the (Holiday) Lights

Yay! Am very excited this is happening. I've gotten to have nice chats with some of the folks at WOBO, and I know their Women of WOBO ride has been a bit sporadic cuz they have a lot on their plate, so let's show up and support! I look forward to seein' ya there! Facebook invite

DETAILS: Thursday, December 9 from 6-9pm. Start: Jack London Square, end: Fruitvale BART. Route map available at Please RSVP by Monday, Dec. 6th to

Just across the estuary, there’s a little street by the name of Thompson Ave that just goes WILD for the holidays. Lights, music, trees, reindeer -- these folks go all out! Last year, visitors to one yard were encouraged to step on up to a homemade stage for karaoke, and another family handed out mulled cider to passersby. If you’ve got holiday spirit, this is the place for you.

Our winter Women of WOBO ride will take us across t
he bridge to Alameda to explore the craziest stretch of holiday decorations in the East Bay. And, as a holiday bonus, one lucky rider will head home with "bike lingerie" courtesy of our friends at Pedal Panties. (One name will be selected at random from the list of ride attendees.) All female-identified people with bikes are welcome, though helmets and lights will be required for this nighttime ride. Won't you join us for December's island getaway?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Trans Day of Remembrance Ride Reportback

The Trans Day of Remembrance Bike Ride was powerful, for me. It was amazing to see 15 folks gather together in the cold and pouring rain to ride in solidarity on a night like this. A number of folks wanted to join us just for the ride, as a place to be with each other, on a day that is so hard for our community. It felt that space was created for folks to come together doing something we love, which is sometimes the most important action we can take.

We shortened the ride cuz of the weather, but even doing the loop around the lake felt deep- all of us on bikes, passing out flyers to folks to raise awareness about the meaning of this day, and how violence against trans people is related to police violence and its affects on community here in oakland.

We ended at the Alameda County Transgender Day of Remembrance Ceremony, where some of us went in. I personally had a lot of mixed feelings being there- it is always so hard to hear the names of everyone we have lost to violence in a year, to hold them in my heart, and have space to grieve. I am grateful to everyone who held the space together, and I would like to have a more intimate gathering next year where we can have more room to grieve- I think the event was trying to strike a balance of honoring loss while celebrating life, but it is a delicate balance, and there is so much pain in how violently so many lives are taken from our community each year...

A lot of folks who spoke at the ceremony kept saying there should be an annual event where we get together and celebrate trans community, instead of only gathering when we lose each other. We plan on organizing a ride next month that will be a big queer celebration... cuz we do need it, so much. We will let you know for sure, and if you want to plan it with us, please send us an email:

Below is the language we used in creating this event, written by Anna Martine Whitehead. Thank you for reading:

The violent system that killed Derrick Jones, Fred Collins, and Oscar Grant is the same system that makes transgender lives expendable. Violently incompetent police, under-resourced schools that don't protect our young people against bullying, and an (in)justice system that upholds violence against trans people - through arguments like the "gay panic defense" - work together to decimate and isolate our communities.

We bike on thi
s day to acknowledge that trans lives - all lives - matter. We are here to celebrate being together, to reflect on the past year, and to honor those taken from us. We bike on this day against system that says our lives do not have value. We bike on this day to say: All Lives Matter.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Benefit for Breast Cancer!

Check it out this Saturday, November 13th! Hosted by Stalk Bicycles. You don't want to miss it, cuz there will be a raffle drawing for a bamboo bike! That's right, handpainted by the artists featured at this event. Details below.

Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery presents

An Art Exhibition and Benefit Raffle for Keep a

Hosted by Stalk Bamboo Bicycles

Get ready for a beautiful evening of art and charity.
Brought to you by Stalk Bamboo Bicycles and Keep A
Femininity is a conceptual art and sculpture exhibition focusing on feminine form and the female essence. Femininity will feature hand painted Bamboo Bicycle Frames painted by Philip Milic, Amanda Lynn, Josh Mays and Jordan Quintero. One of these beautiful frames fabricated by Stalk Bicycles will be raffled off on evening of the opening with the proceeds to benefit Keep A
Don't miss this once in a lifetime chance to contribute to a great cause and win a limited edition bamboo bike frame. If you cant attend the opening raffle ticket's can be purchased at the Stalk Bicycles Website (
Black Diamond Shining Collective will be painting live all evening.

Additional Info about our sponsors
Keep A Breast
The Keep A Breast Foundation™ is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to help eradicate breast cancer by exposing young people to methods of prevention, early detection and support. Through art events, educational programs and fund raising efforts, we seek to increase breast cancer awareness among young people so they are better equipped to make choices and develop habits that will benefit their long-term health and well-being.

Stalk Bicycles
Stalk Bicycles is a team of passionate builders dedicated to fostering the collaboration of art, industry, and earth. In our pursuit of the perfect bike we choose to build with bamboo-- a versatile material that can be appreciated anywhere. Whether industrial trade shows or environmental awareness expos, bike repair shops or art galleries, San Francisco alleyways or the African countryside, our creations speak volumes. This is because our custom bicycles harness nature’s beauty and strength using
quality design.

fine print
We'll be holding the raffle @ 11pm ticket holder's do not need to be present to win prize's.
All winner's will be contacted following the raffle if not present.
If contact with winner isn't made within 2 business days, A redrawing will be scheduled and winner's will be contacted by phone

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bike Out with your Trike Out at BYOQ!

Yes! It's the Bring Your Own Queer Festival! A big free festival in San Francisco, celebrating the creativity and brilliance of queer folks all around. Hooray! We are looking forward to it.
There will be bands, craft vendors, art and lovely fun community, and BIKES! Yes! Bikes...

We will be hosting a workshop: Bling Your Bike! An afternoon of bike love and craft-makin' stations, because bikes are more than practical, they are also fun and fabulous! So show your bike some love!

We will have free craft supplies for making:
*homemade handlebar-end streamers- cuz why did that stop once we graduated training wheels?!
*spoke card love notes to put in yer bike wheels (or someone else's!)
*create pin and earring decorations for yourself and friends from recycled bike tube and old mini bike parts!
and, to be practical, the mechanics of Sugarbelly nite will be there to guide you with bike advice if needed. Lotsa bike love! - The Bikery

**PS! Please stop by and visit Michael, a rising young baker, who will be selling his delicious cupcakes and cookies with us. Delicious food, check it out!