Monday, August 30, 2010

Out and About at Sistahs Steppin!

Aw, the bike ride at Sistahs Steppin was so sweet! Had a really nice time. We got to ride real slow which was nice cuz it felt like you could really connect with your neighboring riders. So fun.

I look forward to many more rides! The thing I kept hearing from folks was everyone wants to do a regular ride with other women and queers- I got to meet some great folks at WOBO (Walk Oakland Bike Oakland) who were also sponsors of the event, and we're gonna work on rides together- they do a monthly women's ride, so that will be fun. I'm pumped to work with folks to organize a queer one too!

Hooray for bikes building community!

Elokin & The Bikery

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bike Contingent at Sistahs Steppin In Pride

Oh wow!!! Did you hear that there is a bike contingent at the upcoming Sistahs Steppin In Pride? SO excited!!!

We are gonna be there, well me and eugene from the bikery, and we will be riding with sistahs steppin in pride on saturday, august 28th!

please join if you can, we will be meeting at the pillars at lake merrit at 11am, it will be super fun!

sistahs steppin in pride is an Oakland celebration of queer women and their allies. hella stoked to be part of riding with a big group of queers on bikes... what could be better. will report back on it soon!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Queer Dance Party benefits The Bikery!!!

Hey all dance lovin' queers! We just found out that the most awesome bay area dance party is gonna be a benefit for us in October! We are so honored and excited!!! Thank you so much to the organizers!!!

Please come through and dance with us! We will have blinky lights on in true bike nerd style!

October 2nd, more info here!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Queerness, gender, and bikes

Well okay, here goes!

I know there are hecka other sites out there for bike lovers who identify as women, queers, transfolk and genderqueer folks, but maybe not an oakland one? so here it is!

let's share info with each other about events and happenings in our community, and support a building movement of bike riding and gender liberation! please share your thoughts and ideas as well, let's build this together! sweet... thanks for being part of this!