Monday, September 27, 2010

art delivery by bike!!!

hi friends!

well it is time for the weekly post, and this one is sadly not about oakland, but it should be really fun! let's go!

it's called papergirl 2010- it's a free art give away by bike! it's open to all genders. we will bike around giving free art away to random passer bys on october 3rd, starting at noon. it goes along a pre-planned route, and ends at the hardly strictly bluegrass festival! yay....

it should be really fun! i know some of the folks involved, and they are real sweet.

more details at this site, and email to sign up and deliver art!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Heels N' Wheels

So last week my friend Tiffany Martinez invited me to go on a dress up bike ride with her as we headed to Sugarbelly. I like a dress up bike ride everyday, but this nite i got especially dressed up. Amazingness... We met up wearing fabulous dresses and sparkles, and rode in our very special high heels and talked about all the difficult relationships we've been through and how we aren't gonna let people put us down anymore. It felt so fierce to power through the streets, along the waterfront by sunset, i swear it's the best therapy out there. mad love to women on bikes!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oakland Candy Cranks!

Hi everyone! I wanna let folks know that I'm also blogging about Oakland bike community on Candy Cranks, an international women bikers blog community! This way I hope to connect with more folks who know about events far and wide to be part of. It's exciting to see what everyone is doing with bikes all over the world, check it out if you get a chance!

Thanks much,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oakland Pride Reportback

Oakland Pride was a good time! It was amazing to see Chaka Khan sing, wow... wow. Lots of different folks came out for pride, and it was packed. Amazing to see a really inter-generational space, feels really rare in the queer/LGBT community, at least the one i'm part of. It was awesome representing as a femme on a bike, i even pulled the bike trailer with all our gear on my fixie! super fun. we tabled with WOBO and the East Bay Bike Coalition and it was a bit surprising to me how not a lot of folks showed up on bikes. maybe a little over a hundred, but i could be wrong. it was a great day to bike too! but lots of folks showed up on bart, which is great to see folks taking public transit, even if i am hecka down on bart itself... i hope next year pride will adopt a "no one turned away for lack of funds" policy, cuz everyone should get to celebrate! michael, one of the youth we work with, made a good deal of money selling cupcakes and cookies he made that day, to raise money for top surgery. we are gonna start talking about him setting up a business for real! lookout oakland, there's a new baker in town!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

come visit us at Oakland Pride!

hey!!! we are headed to Oakland Pride right now, look for us at the bike valet parking with WOBO and the East Bay Bike Coalition. AND Michael will be selling his incredible cupcakes again!!!! don't miss it! after, swing by 1 Fam BIKES 4 LIFE at 7th and Peralta to catch Bikestock! Oakland history scavenger hunt at 2pm, bike contests after! go homo!

Bike Out at Oakland Pride!

Bike out to Oakland Pride today in downtown Oakland! Look for WOBO and East Side Arts Alliance tabling, two great organizations. We'll be out there, with cupcakes! Hope to see ya, especially at 5pm, Chaka Khan!!!!

Celebrate Bike Stock!

Last Day of Bikes 4 Life Bikestock Festival, today Sunday the 5th at 2pm! Scavenger Hunt of West Oakland history at 2pm, followed by Track Stand Contest, Bunny Hop Contest and Wheelie Contest. Come support! 7th and Peralta, West Oakland.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Come Out to Bike Stock This Weekend!!!

Description from Oakland Local:

On Saturday, Sept 4 & 5th, Bikes 4 Life in collaboration with Hood Stock is organizing it's 1st two day festival complete with bike ramps, bike mechanic skills competitions, and bike scavanger hunt thru West Oakland along with two stages. Rock, Funk, Punk, Blues and open mic.

Uniting local artist and the bicycle community with two days of fun in the sun to help end a beautifull summer. Local bands performing are some of the hottest bands in the Bay Area with a special top band making an suprise appearance. $3 donation (all funds go to West Oaland's non-profit organization One Fam empowering youth since 2000)

This event in West Oakland is going to be off the chain! We're having so much fun and this will be the ending of the summer event that you don't want to miss.

Bike ramps, local bands, bike skills competitions and a big bike scavenger hunt that'll also be educational regarding Oakland history. Big PRIZES for all the winners.