Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oakland Pride Reportback

Oakland Pride was a good time! It was amazing to see Chaka Khan sing, wow... wow. Lots of different folks came out for pride, and it was packed. Amazing to see a really inter-generational space, feels really rare in the queer/LGBT community, at least the one i'm part of. It was awesome representing as a femme on a bike, i even pulled the bike trailer with all our gear on my fixie! super fun. we tabled with WOBO and the East Bay Bike Coalition and it was a bit surprising to me how not a lot of folks showed up on bikes. maybe a little over a hundred, but i could be wrong. it was a great day to bike too! but lots of folks showed up on bart, which is great to see folks taking public transit, even if i am hecka down on bart itself... i hope next year pride will adopt a "no one turned away for lack of funds" policy, cuz everyone should get to celebrate! michael, one of the youth we work with, made a good deal of money selling cupcakes and cookies he made that day, to raise money for top surgery. we are gonna start talking about him setting up a business for real! lookout oakland, there's a new baker in town!

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